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DATA 1501 – Intro to Data Science

The School of Data Science and Analytics is proud to introduce a new course at Kennesaw State University, an Introduction to Data Science. KSU, in combination with other universities in the University System of Georgia, have identified a need to prepare the general population of students with basic data analysis skills to keep them competitive in the growing data-driven workplace. After consulting with various departments at KSU, we were able to determine a need for students to not only have a solid foundation in data literacy, but also the ability to manipulate data in Excel.

Course Description:

DATA 1501 is intended to provide an introduction to the field of Data Science. Students will develop skills in appropriate technology and basic statistical methods by completing hands-on projects focused on real-world data and addressing the social consequences of data analysis and application. DATA 1501 will teach students how to independently manipulate data in Excel, in addition to exploring larger data sets and more advanced topics using other statistical software packages. The goal is to show students ways in which data can be managed, as well as the wealth of information that can be obtained by carefully managing the data. While some statistics topics will be explored, it will be done from a perspective of applying the statistics concepts.

Who should take this course?

Everyone! The only prerequisite to this course is the completion of an Area A2 mathematics course (MATH 1001, 1101, 1111, 1113, or STAT 1401). Any student may take DATA 1501 to satisfy their Area D gen ed requirement or as an elective credit. When taken in succession after STAT 1401, the combination of the courses provide a statistics pathway for major programs that require a basic knowledge of these skills. The course was designed with the non-stem major in mind, so have no fear – all students are welcome here.


Please contact Nicole Carder, DATA 1501 Course Coordinator, at

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