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The School of Data Science and Analytics is a research unit, supporting interdisciplinary research across the university, with an emphasis on the four core research themes of KSU – Biomedical and Health Sciences, Computing and Technology, Human Development and Well-Being, and Sustainable and Safe Communities.

Graduate Student Research

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in each of the four core research themes.

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Biomedical and Health Sciences
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Computing and Technology
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Human Development and Well-Being
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Sustainable and Safe Communities

Final Dissertations on KSU Digital Commons
Grey Literature Publications on KSU Digital Commons


Click on the links below for the winning master's level posters from recent Analytics Day competitions

It's All About the Money: Maximizing a Profit Function Using Applied Logistic Regression - Victoria M. Chaney & Juliet M. Womack

Exploratory Applications of NLPs for Developing Syndromic Survelliance Queries - Alyssa Venn

Predicting College Football Team Wins Using Stepwise Regression - Brett Martin

Logistic Regression for the Classification of Credit Risk - Sammie Haskin

Undergraduate Student Research

Click on the links below for the winning undergraduate-level posters from recent Analytics Day competitions

A Regression Analysis of Patient and Hospital Characteristics Influencing Length of Stay in South Carolina Hospitals - Michael Schlenk

A Geospacial Analysis of Conflict in Afganistan - Dalton Shaver

Binary Classification of Internet Traffic - Identifying Distributed Denial of Service Attacks - Chris Soyars

COLIC - Nothing to Horse Around With - Lauren Christian

Collegiate Recovery Brain Games: Establishing Internal Validity for the Perceived Stress Scale and Stroop Task as Measures of Substance-Use-Related Bahaviors - Alexis Lowery

Why Does an Ex-Offender Reoffend? - Jacob Rybak

Food Deserts - Hungry for Answers - Lawren Cumberbatch

Data Science and Classes - Tiana Chargin

For undergraduate students who are interested in presenting their research, the list of conferences below is a good place to start.





Research Experiences for Undergraduates