Online Certificate in Applied Data Science using Python

Develop your programming skills to analyze and visualize data using regression models, decision trees, random forests, support vector machines and neural networks.

    1. How to install Python
    2. Choosing your IDE
    3. Conditional Logic - if/else clauses
    4. How to write Python Functions For and While Loops
    5. Using Arrays and Matrices in NumPy
    1. Reading .csv files into Python
    2. Data Visualization with Pandas and Plotly Packages
    3. Probability * Counting and Random Variables
    4. Distributions, Mean and Variance
    5. Central Limit Theorem
    1. Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
    2. ANOVA and Post Hoc Testing
    3. Linear Regression
    4. Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning
    5. Logistic Regression/Binary Classification
    1. Decision Trees and Random Forests
    2. Principal Components Analysis
    3. Clustering Support Vector Machines
    4. Neural Networks


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