Online Certificate in Applied Data Science using Python

Develop your programming skills to analyze and visualize data using regression models, decision trees, random forests, support vector machines and neural networks.

    1. How to install Python
    2. Choosing your IDE
    3. Conditional Logic - if/else clauses
    4. How to write Python Functions For and While Loops
    5. Using Arrays and Matrices in NumPy
    1. Reading .csv files into Python
    2. Data Visualization with Pandas and Plotly Packages
    3. Probability * Counting and Random Variables
    4. Distributions, Mean and Variance
    5. Central Limit Theorem
    1. Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
    2. ANOVA and Post Hoc Testing
    3. Linear Regression
    4. Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning
    5. Logistic Regression/Binary Classification
    1. Decision Trees and Random Forests
    2. Principal Components Analysis
    3. Clustering Support Vector Machines
    4. Neural Networks


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  • The Online Certificate in Data Science using Python has been developed for working professionals who have some previous exposure to basic statistics. Applicants are encouraged to have completed at least one course in College Algebra or higher.

  • If you choose to enroll in the full Certificate program, the cost is $5,000. After payment is received, you will receive access to all course material. If you choose to enroll in an individual course, the cost is $1,500 per course.

  • The Online Certificate in Data Science using Python has been developed for working professionals. You should have some basic understanding of Statistics/Data Analysis and some working knowledge of Python to get the most out of the Program. If you have never used Python and/or have no previous training in Statistics, but are interested in the program, please contact the Program Coordinator,  Michael Frankel
  • Python is a free software package available at You can download and install a local copy.
  • Once enrolled in a course, you will receive access to all of the course materials – including video recordings, audio recordings, printed materials, practice data and self-assessment tests. After you have completed the lectures and the assessments in a course and are confident in your knowledge of the materials, you can arrange to take a proctored exam at Kennesaw State University (KSU). If you do not live within a reasonable distance of the university, alternative arrangements will be made for you to complete a proctored exam locally. Once all of the materials have been completed, you will take a cumulative exam over the material from all four courses. After you complete this final exam, you will earn the Certificate in Data Science using Python from The Analytics and Data Science Institute at KSU.
  • The materials have been developed such that students should be able to learn, understand and apply the concepts with limited faculty assistance. However, The Analytics and Data Science Institute faculty are available, on Kennesaw campus, to meet and discuss material if needed. To arrange a meeting with a faculty member, please contact the Program Coordinator, Michael Frankel
  • No. The courses in the Online Certificate Program have been developed specifically to meet the needs of working professionals. The material is highly applied and contains a minimal amount of mathematical theory. However, after completing the Online Certificate in Data Science using Python, if you would like to inquire about admission into the MSAS program, MSCS program, the MBA program, or any other Graduate program please visit Graduate Programs Page.
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