Business, Government and KSU Community Services

Students attending a statistics class.

Services for KSU Community

The Center for Statistics and Analytical Research provides support for scholarship, grants, conference preparation and other academic projects for both faculty and students.

The Center also provides tutoring in all major software packages for faculty and students (for 3000 level courses and above). To make an appointment for tutoring, please email

Most project support will be provided for faculty and students at no cost. Support for larger projects will be negotiated with the sponsoring Department.

To set up an initial project meeting, please contact us at


Services for Business and Government

The Center for Statistics and Analytical Research is helping companies and governmental organizations to sift through reams of data so they can operate more effectively and improve profitability.

The Center for Statistics and Analytical Research has worked with a variety of organizations across a wide spectrum of disciplines in both the private and public sectors including manufacturing, energy, insurance, healthcare, and public service, helping them get the most out of their data.

Interested in Academic Programs?

Data Science and Advanced analytics covers wide range of skills, concepts and methodologies. To learn more about on analytical programs at the Masters and Ph.D. levels, please visit affiliated programs.

For more information regarding our Statistics programs at Kennesaw State University, including our popular Online Certificate in Applied Statistics, please visit Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences.