Internal Support CDSA Services for The KSU Community

Internal University SupportInternal Research and Project Support

The Center for Data Science and Analytics provides support for scholarship, grants, conference preparation, and other academic projects for both faculty and students.

These support requests typically should come with a funding source in order to enable CDSA to make resources available.

Internal Training Support

The School offers a wide range of training and educational opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about data science. In addition to the school’s academic offerings, CDSA’s online certificates have been developed to meet the needs of working professionals - the material is on-demand and self-paced with heavy emphasis on application, rather than on theory. This same material is terrific for faculty and students who want to expand their knowledge.

Note that while these certificates come with a fee for those unaffiliated with KSU, all students, faculty, and staff have free access to any of these certificate programs. There is no reason not to refresh or expand your knowledge of core statistical and analytical concepts!

For more information on each certificate, click on the boxes below.

Analytical support (SAS, R, Python, SQL, Matlab) is available for faculty, staff and students at KSU by appointment. Please email Cara Reeve ( to set up an appointment.