The Center for Data Science and Analytics

CDSA Page BannerThe Center for Data Science and Analytics (CDSA) is the focal point for applied interdisciplinary analytical research at Kennesaw State University. Housed in the School of Data Science and Analytics, CSAR engages affiliated faculty from across the university’s eleven colleges to execute cutting edge research to address current challenges and opportunities related to big data and data science. Everything we do is guided by the motto, “Students First”.

To assist the faculty, CDSA employs Ph.D. students in Analytics and Data Science, as well as master’s students from several affiliated analytics programs, to work on research sponsored by commercial and governmental agencies along with initiatives that engage with the local community for social good.

The Center for Data Science and Analytics Research offers a range of options for both organizations and individuals to get involved. These include research labs that solve real-world problems in partnership with sponsoring organizations, employee upskilling workshops, online certificate programs, student mentoring programs, networking events, and more.