Welcome to the Analytics and Data Science Institute

Jennifer PrietlyThere is an unquestioned recognition of a current and emerging talent shortage in the areas of Analytics and Data Science. This is true in part because our definitions of “data” are continuing to grow and expand. These evolving definitions of data are creating both challenges and opportunities – across all sectors of the economy and all dimensions of society.

The Analytics and Data Science Institute brings together faculty and students from across the university, in collaboration with partners from both the private and public sectors, to engage in applied research to contribute to our understanding of our world through the translation of data into information.  The Institute also offers a wide range of training and educational opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about data science – including both online and in-class training for high school students through currently working professionals.

- Jennifer Lewis Priestley, Associate Dean, The Graduate College


Mission Statement

The Analytics and Data Science Institute at Kennesaw State University is preparing the next generation of data scientists. With affiliated faculty from a wide range of disciplines across the university, the Institute fosters collaboration between the academic and private sector to advance cutting edge techniques and methodologies to translate data into information to improve and inform decision making.  Together with industry partners, the Institute is working to address the data-centric societal challenges facing our community.